How We Began

Soapinessence began with a single batch of soap and a dream to create skin care products from simple, wholesome, natural ingredients.  

About Me

Hi, my name is Jennifer Valenzuela.  I have always had sensitive skin... my face is acne prone and my skin was always dry.  I could not ever seem to find the right product that would moisturize my skin, leaving it soft and silky, as the products had promised.  Finally,  after researching (what seemed like forever) I taught myself the art of cold process soap making.  It was very important to me that all of my products were 100% all natural, with no synthetics or animal products.  My mom had studied essential oils for many years and taught me about the benefits and properties of each one, long ago.  My patient and loving husband consistently asked..."when are you going to make a bar?"  It was also important to me to know all there was to know about the process from beginning to end and everything that would or could happen in between.. and when I did, I finally took the leap.  I'm SO happy with our organic, vegan products and just cannot keep them all for myself; I had to share, because I feel so blessed to have the knowledge of how to make something that really does make a difference on your skin, leaving it soft and silky!  

Thank you so much for visiting Soapinessence in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We would love to hear from you!!