We launched our men's line in 2018.  Welcome... SWAGGA For Men

Just like our Soapinessence skincare line, our products are all-natural, organic & plant-based; scented only with essential oils and/or infused herbs. 

The health of a man's skin is just as important as a woman's, however, the texture of a man's skin is very different.  A man's skin has a tougher texture and is approximately 25% thicker than a woman's.  Because of the loss of collagen, our skin changes and begins to thin over the years.

Men today, are learning that a good skin regimen is very important, especially as we age.  When you begin a regular skincare routine, you will notice your shaves improving and your skin becomes more healthy & attractive. 

We take great care in creating our shaving soaps to blend natural ingredients that penetrate the skins barrier deeply, helping to soften the hair follicles and nourish the skin, for a smooth, gentle, amazing shaving experience.

Check out both our Soapinessence & Swagga skincare lines, as we have found that men & women have scent blends and products that appeal directly to them.  Also, check back frequently, as we increase our product line with face cream, hand & body lotion, face soap, beard balm & oils, etc. 

We want to hear from YOU!  Tell us what you like...don't... or have an idea.  

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