Headache Relief Roll-on


Our custom essential oil blend is specially designed to help prevent & relieve headaches.  We use only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  The combination of oils in this blend are:

Peppermint Essential Oil ~ gives a cooling sensation & has a calming effect on the body.  Peppermint oil is well known for relief of headaches.

Lavender Essential Oil ~ helps you to relax and relieves muscle tension.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil ~ opens up the nasal passages, clearing the sinuses, helping relieve sinus tension that can cause headaches.

Rosemary Essential Oil ~ it has anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties, which help reduces the stress that can cause headaches.

Sweet Almond Oil ~ it is a mild, hypoallergenic oil and safe for sensitive skin.  Almond oil has a light texture and easily absorbs into skin.

How to use:   Roll the bottle between your hands before each use to ensure the essential oils are properly blended. At first signs of discomfort, apply to pressure points on the body, such as the temples, behind the ears, back of neck, insides of the wrist.  Store in cool, dark place.

10ml clear roller bottle with black lid.

Product# 115130