Island Mojito Liquid Hand Soap

$9.99 $8.99

Our Island Mojito Liquid Hand Soap, a customer favorite, contains only high quality, natural ingredients and 100% therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, giving you a luxurious, moisturizing lather & clean, soft skin. 

Litsea Cubeba is an uplifting, energizing and refreshing aroma of lemony essential oil extracted from the pepper-like berries of the evergreen shrub.

Spearmint is the essential oil that can help you steal those little moments of calm back as it gently uplifts with a minty and bright aroma.

Orange is uplifting, creating a happy, relaxed feeling.

Made with the finest ingredients, including saponified oils of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil & 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of Spearmint, Litsea Cubeba & Orange.  8 oz.

Made in Fountain Hills, Arizona ~ Inspired by:

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