Lemon Face Scrub


Our face scrub is great for sensitive skin, has excellent cleansing ability and is extremely hydrating & nourishing.  It feels and smells amazing.  It also makes a great lip scrub!


When you scrub away the old dry skin, you remove bacteria & unclog pores, which promotes the growth of healthy new cells, as well as revealing soft, smoother looking skin. Not only will the texture of your skin improve, but you will also help slow down the rate at which your skin ages.

Ultra-fine Sugar ~ The smaller sugar granules are a good exfoliant and less abrasive on your skin, making them wonderful for people with sensitive, delicate skin.  They help remove dead skin cells & give your skin a gorgeous shine and a smooth silky feel. 

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil ~ Derived from fresh coconuts, it is unrefined, retaining the original chemical composition & therapeutic benefits.  High in vitamin E, minerals & antioxidants, it helps retain moisture, keeping your skin healthy & smooth, with a natural glow.  Has a mild, tropical coconut aroma.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil ~ Very rich in vitamins A & E, minerals & natural fatty acids & antioxidants, it is excellent for sensitive skin & does not clog pores.  It penetrates deeply, moisturizing and helping to protect skin against aging, wrinkles & fine lines, as wells as helping the skin cells to regenerate.  

Lemon Essential Oil ~ Its antiseptic properties help in treating acne & reducing excessive oil.  It helps to improve your complexion, leaving your skin soft & supple.


Product # 115157