Peppermint - Bergamot - Tea Tree Bar Soap


IT’S BACK! A once limited edition is back by popular demand! 


Peppermint essential oil has a sharp, fresh mint scent. It is refreshing and has a cooling effect on the skin.  It has anti-septic & astringent properties, which are said to be beneficial for acne, eczema, headaches & mental fatigue.  Helps to cool inflammation caused by blemishes.  Keep away from your eyes, as it may cause irritation. 


Bergamot essential oils has a clean, refreshing citrus scent and soothing antiseptic, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.  On the skin, it helps remove dirt & unclog pores; balancing oily skin conditions.  It also helps to prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes body odor.  It has been said to help reduce the appearance of scars and/or stretch marks. 


Tea Tree essential oil has a crisp, clean scent.  It has anti-bacterial properties, which help to clear up and prevent blemishes without drying out your skin.  The anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial with other skin conditions, including eczema & psoriasis.  It also has excellent anti-fungal properties, which help to fight infections like candida, jock itch, toenail fungus & athlete’s foot. 


It is made with the finest ingredients of saponified oils of Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Mango Butter, Almond Oil, Castor Oil & essential oils of Peppermint, Bergamot & Tea Tree.

5 oz.

Product# 115128