SWAGGA Frankincense Shea Butter Soap


Swagga Frankincense Shea Butter Soap


These bars are larger (7.5-8.5 oz) than our standard 5 oz soap bars.

Frankincense essential oil is excellent for mature or aging skin and is reputed to reduce the appearance of scars, pain & inflammation, as well as helping to relieve stress and anxiety.  It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic & astringent properties.

Shea butter has natural fatty acids, making it extremely nourishing & moisturizing for the skin. 

Coconut oil has very high levels of minerals & nutrients, which are excellent for hydrating & nourishing your skin, without depleting it of its natural oils.

Olive oil has excellent antioxidant properties and can repair damage caused by free radicals on the skin.  It stimulates new cell generation.  It its deeply moisturizing, penetrating deeply into the skin, making it perfect for people with very dry or sensitive skin.

Avocado oil has natural moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, soothing skin properties, making it excellent for people with severely dry skin.

Mango butter is natural source of vitamin A; deeply moisturizing & nourishing, helping to maintains the Skin's Elasticity & Flexibility.

Vitamin E oil has powerful antioxidants, which encourages healing of skin.  It conditions and helps maintain a natural glow to your skin.


Ingredients: Saponified oils of shea butter, extra virgin organic coconut oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, avocado oil, mango butter, essential oils of frankincense & vitamin E oil. 7-8oz


All our products are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens & preservatives. 

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