SWAGGA PUMPKIN ALE (Beer Soap...Bigger Bars!)


Swagga Pumpkin Ale Shea Butter Soap

Our SWAGGA For Men soap bars are 25% larger than the 5oz Soapinessence soap bars.

We create our Pumpkin Ale soap with Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter, which has notes of roasted malt, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ground clove, a little ginger.  This bar has a super-moisturizing, rich lather, and a smooth natural nutty scent. 


Avocado Oil ~ Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, plus amino acids & omega-3 fatty acids. It’s great for people with sensitive skin.  Easily absorbs into deep tissue with its wonderful emollient properties.


Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic) ~ Has antioxidants & vitamin E, which locks in moisture, helping to nourish the skin, keeping it soft & smooth.


Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic) ~ Very rich in vitamins A & E, minerals and natural fatty acids.  It is excellent for sensitive skin & gives relief for dry itchy, inflamed skin.


Organic Pumpkin ~ Pumpkin is full of antioxidants and vitamins A and C which can help keep your skin youthful and refreshed and is exceptional for soothing dry, chapped skin.

Pumpkin Porter (Four Peaks Brewing) ~ Luxuriously moisturizing and rich with lather


Shea Butter ~ Rich in vitamins A, E, F & fatty acids make it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, helping to soften your skin, making it feel silky smooth.

Sweet Almond Oil ~ Rich in vitamins A & E, it is very mild and conditioning.  It has excellent moisturizing properties and is wonderful for dry skin.

Ingredients:  Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter, 100% Organic Pumpkin

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